Rotoscopy – One of the most prominent VFX processes is all in a day’s work to us at Toolbox. An integral part of the VFX pipeline, our talented and dedicated Roto artists work with Silhouette and Mocha to deliver outstanding results to our clients around the world.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Toolbox Studio hosts a team of passionate and experienced Roto artists who work round the clock
  • We adhere to stringent quality checks and timelines for every project we work on
  • Our studio space is part of a 5000 Sq. Ft. IT fortified facility following MPAA guidelines
  • We are proud of an industry experience of over 10 years in the VFX industry
  • With clients in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe among others, we have proven ourselves to be the trusted Roto outsourcing company in India
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