2D animation is definitely the simplest and the most recognizable form of animation. From the legendary cartoons by studios such as Warner Bros. and Hanna–Barbera Productions and Disney, to some of the coolest and most trending marketing campaigns today, all are rendered in the classical style of 2D animation.

2D animation is not just for cartoons but an effective format for commercials, explainer videos, web content and much more. An immersive and universal form of animation, the format hits the right nerve with the audience for entertainment as well as infotainment.

Why Choose us?

At Toolbox, our 2D animation services are not only cost-effective, but with our competencies and experience we also have the power to engross a viewer with appealing storytelling and execution.

With over a decade of experience, Toolbox Studio is a top name among 2D animation companies in India. Our diverse work as a leading 2D animation studio pays testament to the success and level of quality we have provided to our client base across the world, including countries like, US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.