Swapnil Jain

“The digital evangelist”

Swapnil leads with experience of 17+ years and is a Jack of all trades when it comes to Product Evangelism, Project Management, Seed Investments, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Speaker and Tech-Evangelism. Considered an industry-leading expert in digital strategy, emerging technology, and social media, Swapnil is known for always finding new ways to blur the line between strategy, creative and user experience.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Voice-First trends, his true experience lies in formulating digital business strategies that are matched with technological implementation to collaborate and compete in a new market. When he’s not leading the charge in helping clients achieve the most optimal results in online engagement, he keeps busy by adding to his equally-impressive list of accomplishments and accolades. Even in his spare time, Swapnil doesn’t stray too far from all things digital and all things tech.