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Started in 2013, InnoServ Group of companies is a growing entity that has brightened up the sphere of Digitalization with unwavering commitment and passion. We anticipated that people would go Digital long before anyone else could, and propelling our actions towards the same, we have delivered impactful results for our client’s businesses.

With our focused vertical brands InnoServ Digital, CoBuzz and FMA Digital, we have penetrated into Automobile, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate and Corporate sectors. We are well diversified with our presence in Corporate Training vertical through InnoServ Solutions.


We aim to blend new ideas to shape the course of creativity.


We aim to innovate our actions to be better than yesterday.


We aim to ignite our ambitions to flare up till limits.

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Group Companies

  • InnoServ Digital Digital Consulting for Automobile, Real Estate & SMB’s
  • InnoServ Digital is the flagship brand of InnoServ Group and is known as the leading 360 Degree Digital Marketing Consulting company in Automobile, Real Estate...

InnoServ Digital Digital Consulting for Automobile, Real Estate & SMB’s

  • CobuzzDigital Employer Branding& Storytelling for Corporate
  • CoBuzz is a highly specialised division of InnoServ Group which offer Creative Employer Branding and Story Telling Services to Corporates for effective engagement with its...

CobuzzDigital Employer Branding& Storytelling for Corporate

  • InnoServ Solutions Cutting-edge Corporate Learning Solutions
  • InnoServ Solutions is one of the diversified unit of InnoServ Group offering corporate learning solutions to more than 100+ bluechip corporate in India and abroad....

InnoServ Solutions Cutting-edge Corporate Learning Solutions

  • FMA Digital Digital Consulting for Academia
  • Find My Admission Edutech Pvt. Ltd. Popularly known as FMA Digital is 100% subsidiary of InnoServ Group and is one of the leading name in...

FMA Digital Digital Consulting for Academia

  • DigitalRX Digital Consulting in Healthcare Vertical
  • DigitalRX is another speciality division of InnoServ Group which focuses on healthcare industry. It offersbranding, marketing and content services to Hospitals, Clinics, Speciality Chains, Doctors...

DigitalRX Digital Consulting in Healthcare Vertical

  • ASMACommunity Platform for Academia
  • Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA) is an online platform which helps higher education institutes and universities harness the power of digital and social...

ASMACommunity Platform for Academia

  • ADMHCommunity Platform for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Industry is experiencing huge impact of Digital Innovation in every aspect. Healthcare professionals are evolving to use Digital Marketing for growing their patient acquisition...

ADMHCommunity Platform for Healthcare

  • Digital HR Community Platform for HR Professionals
  • DigitalHR intends to emerge as the ultimate platform for HR Professionals to learn how to leverage the Power of Digital for transforming the HR practices....

Digital HR Community Platform for HR Professionals

  • SMX Network Community Platform for HR Professionals
  • The SMX Network will emerge as one of the unique platforms for the enablement of the sales and marketing professionals. Many digital interventions are changing...

SMX Network Community Platform for HR Professionals

Team of Professionals.

Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan

Chairman - InnoServ Group of Companies

“The Godfather”

Mr. Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan popularly known as GR is the Chairman of the Board of Innoserv Group. He also holds the position of Director at Keiretsu Forum – Mumbai Chapter, a popular Silicon Valley Based funding forum with 100 Chapter globally. GR comes with a solid 4 decade of experience out of which he’s largely devoted his 20 years as an investment banker and CEO in Corporate world. His body of work is as elaborate as his name. Fortune 500 companies like the Times Group, Reliance Capital, Citibank India, JM Morgan Stanly, EY, Ranbandy, etc take his word as worth. He has spent the later 20 years as a serial entrepreneur having invested In 14 start-ups in a sector agnostic manner and exited in 8 of them as multi beggars successfully. He holds varied experience in diver’s fields and sectors including fitness, wellness, retail, finance, sports tech and digital marketing to name a few. At InnoServ, he’s constantly sharing his deep insight into the industries we serve and possesses diverse knowledge of strategy, finance, and operations.
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Rahul Jain

Group MD – InnoServ Group of Companies

“The strategist and community growth amplifier”

Rahul has been at the helm of InnoServ Group of Companies since its birth in 2013. He’s a strategist who puts his mind and sharp analytical skills to improve business performance, whether that means creating new products or reimagining current processes. Under his able leadership, InnoServ has taken a giant leap of success in forefronting domains in Education, Healthcare, Automobile, Digital Employer Branding and Real Estate in India. He’s an excellent orator or you could well say "golden-mouthed" when it comes to delivering impactful speeches in the national and international markets. For him, speed, agility and quality of delivering challenging assignments, remain resolute. Seeing a need for comprehensive online marketing services Rahul has evolved InnoServ a 360 group focusing on solutions for companies that are ready to grow.
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Nimil Tiwari

Co-Founder & Director

“The Sales Maverick”

A proud postgraduate (marketing) of the University of Queensland B-school, Australia, Nimil emerges as the next-gen sales leader with hands-on experience of 15+ years in varied business verticals. Nimil is responsible for driving global sales for the company. He brings to the position a successful track record of recognized business achievements in the high-tech and healthcare, premium automotive, real estate, skill development, and higher education industries. He has an eye of a hawk when it comes to focusing on marketing strategy; SBU setups, strategic alliances, campaign execution, and client development. At present, he is in charge of business growth and maintaining profitability for digital marketing services. He maintains a balance of client-facing delivery work and internal business operational management.
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Ritesh Dhrangdharia

Head – Corporate Sales

“The Multitasker”

An entrepreneur with wide experience in the field of corporate engagements in the HR Function, Ritesh takes the mandate of heading the Corporate Sales team at InnoServ Group. He comes with 13+ years of dynamic work experience in the areas of setting up business units, profit centers for corporate, institutional sales, business operations, customer relationship management, People management, and talent acquisition. Currently, he is connected with 6000+ professionals, techies, experts, and freelancers on various technologies and functionalities. At InnoServ, Ritesh is extensively working on Corporate Sales of HR services like Digital Employer Branding, Training & Development services & Recruitment, and staffing. Apart from these, strategizing and directing Group HR, Finance, and Administration part of the organization. His areas of expertise include compliance and best practices, HR infrastructure, and policy and procedure development. He is instrumental in shaping up ‘DigitalHR’, a budding HR community for HR professionals.
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Swapnil Jain


“The digital evangelist”

Swapnil leads with experience of 17+ years and is a Jack of all trades when it comes to Product Evangelism, Project Management, Seed Investments, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Speaker and Tech-Evangelism. Considered an industry-leading expert in digital strategy, emerging technology, and social media, Swapnil is known for always finding new ways to blur the line between strategy, creative and user experience. In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Voice-First trends, his true experience lies in formulating digital business strategies that are matched with technological implementation to collaborate and compete in a new market. When he’s not leading the charge in helping clients achieve the most optimal results in online engagement, he keeps busy by adding to his equally-impressive list of accomplishments and accolades. Even in his spare time, Swapnil doesn’t stray too far from all things digital and all things tech.
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Sujit Das Biswas

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

“The technology connoisseur”

Behind his calm and composed nature, Sujit is constantly discovering new arenas of the tech world. This missionary man is certified in Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM) SharePoint and Power BI with over 13 years of hands-on experience with certified Robotic Automation Process expertise (RPA). He’s a Microsoft Certified Professional Consultant with expertise in Enterprise Mobility. His key achievements include more than 20,000 user rollout of SharePoint & Project Server and integration with different LOB applications. He’s taken over the charge of the in-house technological evolution and is well-versed in both IT and high-level strategic thinking. As an IT expert, he’s responsible for the company’s IT Strategy and operational running of technology to support all business functions.
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